Is Long Tail Pro Platinum Cloud the Best Keyword Tool of 2017? Review

(Last Updated On: August 8, 2017)

Long Tail Pro Platinum Cloud and Desktop Version Review 2017

Keyword research is one of those topics that many people get caught up on. There are so many online guides, ebooks, tutorials, videos and more… You really have a hard time figuring out where to start. But luckily you have found this article.

 I am going to break down keyword research for you and show you the best ways to find and research them.

First your need to understand that unless you have an authority site you really need to search for long tail keywords. What I mean by an authority site is a site that has been around for several years or more and has lots of good content and quality links pointing at it. So I am going to assume for the sake of this guide you do NOT have one.

So I introduce you to Long Tail Pro Platinum Software!


Longtail Pro could be considered the Swiss Army knife of Internet marketing because at the core of Internet marketing is keyword research.

Longtail keywords have long been the strategy for up-and-coming sites to rank for keywords that bring traffic. Let me explain a little bit exactly what longtail keywords are first. Longtail keywords would be considered keywords that have two or more words in the containing word sometimes there are 4 to 5.

Let me give you an example. As an example for the normal keyword will use the term coffee cup. So if coffee cup is the main keyword then a longtail of the main term coffee cup would be travel coffee cup, camping coffee cup, best coffee cup to use when traveling, durable coffee cup for camping, etc.

So in the example above what I’m trying to show you that long tail keywords are more precise typically have less competition but at the same time can sometimes be actually better converting then main keywords. The reason for that in the example above is simple because while most people might think that ranking for the word coffee cup is the best but in reality most people are searching for just coffee cup.

Most people are searching for the longtail examples as given above.

Okay so back on the topic of longtail keywords. Hopefully the example above that I give you give you a good jist of what a longtail keyword actually.

I want to give you one more reason why longtail keywords are better. Main keywords are usually much harder to rank for the longtail keywords.

In getting keywords to rank the most important factor I can tell you is time to rank and position of rankings. And the main reason why you will want to focus on learning how to research longtail keywords is because longtail keywords rank quicker and easier.

There’s actually a really good blog post about how long it takes to rank in Google that can be found at the link here

A summary of their findings is basically that a site needs to have authority in their niche as well as an age domain in order to rank on the first page of Google within a few months. An example of an authority site is basically a website that has links from popular sites pointing to it. An example of an age domain is a domain name that has been registered and had a website running on it for more than three years.

So basically what I’m saying is that in order to rank for keywords in Google your best bet is to try and rank for longtail keywords. Another great reason to target longtail keywords is that they can rank on the first page of Google with new sites very quickly.

Hopefully give you a nice little overview of the importance of longtail keywords and what they can do for your online marketing efforts.

So now let’s talk more about longtail Pro. Longtail Pro is a keyword research software that has been around for several years now. In that time longtail Pro has grown by leaps and bounds. At the center of the success of longtail Pro is the creator Spencer Haws. Spencer has been an Internet marketer for over five years and has developed tons of websites using the technique of ranking for longtail keywords.

Let me cover a few of the benefits of the longtail Pro platinum software. At the core of longtail Pro platinum am software is the ability to discover thousands of targeted and low competition easy to rank for keywords in almost any niche. Longtail platinum software is like having a team of VA’s at your disposal 24 seven. With the push of a few buttons you can uncover hundreds if not thousands of profitable keywords that you can use for many different online properties.

This software can literally be used for any type of online property building. From Amazon stores, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook, WordPress blogs, and any other kind of site you can think of.

Long tail Pro platinum has a very user-friendly layout and in my opinion is very newbie friendly. Out-of-the-box this software can be used without even reading any instructions. But the wonderful part about longtail Pro is the fact that there are hundreds of in-depth tutorials written and video available online for free.

Longtail Pro used to only be a desktop software but now is available in the cloud. The wonderful part about the software being available in the cloud is the fact that you can now use it out and about without even having it installed on your actual device. Not to mention that updates are constantly being added. So whether you choose to use longtail Pro on your desktop or in the cloud both are available to you.

Now let me cover a few more benefits of the software. Score keyword competitiveness. You can use longtail Pro’s proprietary keyword competitiveness score to determine the difficulty of ranking your keywords in Google’s first page. Longtail Pro also comes with custom difficulty targets which basically break down the difficulty of ranking each keyword.

Another wonderful feature is determining metrics with longtail pros built in majestic SEO metrics ranker. This feature holds different metrics from majestic SEO and includes them automatically to the software.

You can also calculate keyword profitability, you can sort and track keywords based on different niches, you can import Google ad words data, you can filter in real time, and you can export results into all sorts of different types of charts and such.

So how good exactly are longtail Pro software keyword results? In several case studies that I’ve read longtail Pro provided better metrics and keywords then SEO Moz paid accounts. But don’t just take my word for it when you can go ahead and use longtail Pro for seven days absolutely free.

Click Here To Try It For Just $1 Dollar!

Yes you heard that right longtail Pro offers a seven day free trial. I suggest going and trying that and see the power of this software for yourself.

This software is a paid software but has many different price breakdowns to monthly and annual depending upon how much research you need to do.

Before I close this article let me answer a few questions for you.

What is the best keyword tool of 2017? Longtail Pro platinum cloud and desktop version

Are there any discounts and coupons available for longtail pro online? You can directly get a seven day trial from longtail Pro site for $1!

How does longtail Pro versus market samurai compare? Longtail Pro is at its core a keyword-based software and is much better than market samurai.

Can you sell longtail Pro as an affiliate and make money? Yes you can longtail Pro has their own affiliate program as well as offers one through click bank

Are there any tutorials for longtail Pro available online? Yes there are many my suggestion would be to search Google or YouTube and you’ll find all that you need.

Are there any alternatives to longtail Pro? Yes there are but they don’t do a very good job therefore I won’t even waste my time trying to compare them.

Are there cracks or free versions of long tail Pro available online? No there are not. The software is always changing and updated all the time and therefore there are no cracks or torrents available. And if there were they wouldn’t work anyways because longtail Pro is a paid program and worth every penny.

Do I have to download longtail Pro? You can either download longtail Pro and use the desktop software or you can run the cloud-based version and don’t need to download anything with that.

In closing I hope that you found my overview and review of this wonderful software to be useful. I tried to explain the benefits of using longtail keywords in your marketing efforts and why they are so important at the core of building any website property to effectively rank for organic search.Q

Bonus Section:

Free Long Tail Pro Tutorial Video List



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