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Don’t just set goals but take action

Someone recently asked me to write a goal setting post as a follow-up to my Empowering Others article. Goal setting is a tricky undertaking and there are far more nuances than I will be able to cover in this article. Here, though, are a few thoughts as you layout your milestones for success. Congruency to

Is Long Tail Pro Platinum Cloud the Best Keyword Tool of 2017? Review

Long Tail Pro Platinum Cloud and Desktop Version Review 2017 Keyword research is one of those topics that many people get caught up on. There are so many online guides, ebooks, tutorials, videos and more… You really have a hard time figuring out where to start. But luckily you have found this article.  I am

List of best deal and cheapest upcoming tablets for 2017

This was a big question when introduced their first tablet Kindle in the market.  Now the question arises whether Amazon can beat Apple with their new flagship product kindle fire 2017? and Apple are two totally different companies when it comes to their core business. is known globally as an on-line retailer