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Best LED Grow Lights and Indoor Grow Tents 2017

Best LED Grow Lights 2017 Choosing Best LED Grow Lights Is Simple Like, purchase the best LED grow lights for growing weed, choose the ideal organization to purchase from, LED grow lights arrive in various color spectrums and the way to utilize LED Grow Lights for growing marijuana. When speaking about overheating concerns, these sorts

Best Electric Pressure Cookers Review 2017

Best Consumer Reviewed Electric Pressure Cookers of 2017 Sometime in late 2016 Facebook seemed to have tons of people talking about electric pressure cookers. Heck my Mom even bought one after reading a discussion about how well and quick they can cook a full meal. So I got interested in learning more about them and

What Happened To America?

It took a long time to come a long way, just to discover ourselves taking giant steps backwards. So, exactly what’s really incorrect with the “political landscape” of the USA? It does not seem that long ago that America could be divided into 3 camps or less. Democrats, Republicans, or 3rd party. Today, we have

Bill Gates vs Novell – $1.2 Billion Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Today, Bill Gates will testify in a law suit filled by Novell in 2004 which alleges that Microsoft used anti-competitive tactics to damage Novell’s products WordPerfect and Quattro Pro by holding back its crucial technical info required to make them compatible with Microsoft’s Windows 95 at that time. Novell also claims that Microsoft at first

Steve Jobs Nominated For “Time Person” Of The Year 2011

Steve Jobs, the person who revolutionized mobile technology and changed the perception about how a mobile can work has been nominated for ‘Time Person’ of the Year by Time Magazine. How can a person think about a simple gadget that can have so much power? Well, it’s proven and the most important fact is that